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Company - 18/08/2020

NSK Toyama Plant, Japan

NSK customers around the world, including those in Europe, are set to benefit from the construction of a new heat treatment facility in Japan. The move comes as part of a continuous effort to strengthen the structural resilience of the NSK Group, while simultaneously providing a productivity and efficiency boost.

Following the completion of the ¥3 billion (approximately €23.78 million) heat treatment plant at NSK Toyama, the company has transferred a percentage of heat treatment processes from NSK Fujisawa to the new 3,641m2 facility. This business continuity planning (BCP) measure has been implemented to help protect supply chains in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood. By distributing the company’s heat treatment requirements between plants, an inherent level of safeguarding is introduced to protect customers against unforeseen production stoppages.

NSK has also taken this opportunity to streamline the company’s heat treatment processes and invest in leading-edge technologies that are not only environmentally friendly, but further improve productivity and efficiency. For instance, NSK Toyoma is currently working towards the implementation of autonomous parts transportation between processes.

Operating since 1937, NSK Fujisawa focuses on the production of rolling bearings for industrial machinery. The plant undertakes principal manufacturing processes that include turning, heat treatment, grinding and assembly. Operations at NSK Toyama, which was established in 1966, have historically centred on the forging and turning of large rolling bearings, such as those used in wind turbines and railcars.

Picture: The construction of a new heat treatment facility at NSK Toyama will help protect bearing supply chains  

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