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Services - 24/05/2020

NSK academy’s online portal - Bearings for food and beverage sector applications

The popular and ever-expanding NSK - has added a new training module to its portfolio of courses. Aimed at increasing the knowledge of those involved in developing and specifying machinery for the food and beverage sector, the new module represents a comprehensive overview of all factors relating to bearing use in such applications. Like every training module available at NSK academy, those completing the course will be invited to answer a series of questions to test their knowledge. Participants attaining an 80% pass mark will receive a certificate in recognition of their achievement.

Most operating conditions in the food and beverage industry are extremely challenging, especially for rotating equipment. The environments typically encountered can have an adverse effect on many components, including bearings, leading to recurrent failures, hazardous work conditions and costly downtime.

The new online training module at NSK academy is designed to generate a better understanding of bearing specification and use in demanding food and beverage sector applications. Included is an introduction to the industry, its key drivers and the typical machine and equipment types that rely on bearing technology. Such systems include conveyors, washing processors, mixers, filling plant, breading machines, peeling machines, grinders, fryers, ovens, steamers and freezers, to list but a few.

In particular, the course looks at what happens to bearings in different conditions, identifying the various potential failure modes. Conditions covered by the new e-learning module include wet, clean/food line, dirty/gritty, hot and cold. For each condition, module participants receive an overview of the NSK bearing solutions – and the technology behind them – that have been developed to overcome such issues.

The module also covers bearings used in the general food and beverage plant environment, such as those found in gearboxes, electric motors, pumps and packaging machines.

Ultimately, all those taking part will learn more about the arduous conditions in the food and beverage industry, and how bearing life can be maximised. This ethos stays true to the founding principle of the NSK academy, which is to help participants expand on the knowledge they apply on a daily basis, and utilise the latest NSK bearing solutions to maximise the operating life of machines. All of the online training modules are designed to increase staff skill levels and help OEMs achieve better profitability thanks to reduced maintenance requirements.


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