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NSK Announces “NSK Vision 2026”- a Blueprint for Future Success

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) today announced that it has formulated NSK Vision 2026, incorporating the direction to take and the goals to aim for over the next 10 years, based on the NSK Group's corporate philosophy.

NSK will mark its 100th anniversary on November 8,2016. The NSK Vision 2026 was established as objectives for the NSK Group to aim for and accomplish 10 years after its 100th anniversary, with the ultimate aim of becoming a company that continues to contribute to society while achieving sustainable growth. The vision expresses the goals and principles that should be achieved in the medium to long term and serves as a guideline for the realization of the NSK Group's mission statement. When formulating the vision, the company gathered opinions widely from in and outside the group, including from customers and employees around the world. The vision was then created through repeated discussions within the NSK 100th Anniversary Committee, comprised mainly of young employees and management.

By setting the future in motion through the actions of each and every one of its employees, the NSK Group will continue to move forward in the midst of an environment that is rapidly changing. It will transcend the viewpoint of a parts manufacturer and put itself in the shoes of its customers in order to conceive of technologies, functions, products, and services that it should provide, and then turn innovative ideas into reality. NSK is committed to seeing people's lives become safer, more comfortable and prosperous through efforts that are setting the future in motion.

NSK Vision 2026


We bring motion to life,

to enrich lifestyles,

and to build a brighter future.

Dedicated to uncovering society's needs,

we set ideas in motion

to deliver solutions beyond imagination.

We're NSK.

And, we're setting the future in motion.

The thoughts embodied in the NSK Vision 2026 are presented on the following website.

NSK 100th Anniversary Website
(open from May 18, 2015)