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NSK Expands PB Series of Megatorque Motors™

Adds New High Power Models

PB Series of Megatorque Motors

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) today announced that it has expanded its lineup of Megatorque Motor direct drive motors by adding two new, high-power models to its PB Series, which was originally launched in May 2014. These new models will help improve throughput* for conveyance, assembly and inspection machines for small to medium electronic and other components.

NSK will launch the two new models in December 2014, targeting 900 million yen in total PB series global sales in 2015.

*Throughput: Quantity of raw material or information processed or communicated in unit of time.

Development Background

As the demand for smartphones and tablets has increased, there has been a rapid expansion in the production of electronic components in East Asia, including Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. In response to this increase in demand, manufacturers have been upgrading their equipment, improving productivity and working on ways to conserve space to make room for more equipment. Also, in developing countries, there is a strong demand for ease-of-use and less maintenance as many employees are not used to operating such equipment.

Responding to these market needs, NSK launched its PB series of Megatorque Motors designed for the conveyance of small components in May 2014. This lineup has been well received for its ease of use and compactness. Now, NSK is adding high-power models to its PB series of Megatorque Motors in order to address the needs for conveyance of medium-sized components, including the need for extra power to drive larger turntables. These new models are optimally designed for laborsaving machines such as laser marking machines, solar cell assembly machines, as well as other FA equipment.

NSK is committed to pioneering solutions for these and other needs and will be exhibiting these new models at SEMICON Japan 2014 from Wednesday, December 3 to Friday, December 5, 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto Ward, Tokyo).

Product Features

1. High Power (High Torque)
These new models have up to four times the maximum torque, enabling them to handle the conveyance of large components. They also provide industry leading high-speed performance for improved throughput.
2. Compact
The outer diameter has been kept the same size as the current PB series models to maintain the same compactness.
3. Ease of Use
Initial setup is simple and easy, thanks to the high-performance auto tuning function, allowing customers to put their equipment into commission quickly.
In addition, these models come with dedicated setup software. (Common to the whole PB series.)

Main Applications and Benefits

Main Applications and Benefits

NSK began mass production of Megatorque Motor, the worlds-first direct drive motor, in 1985. Since then NSK has continued to advance this series of motors as the technology evolved for advanced manufacturing equipment for such applications as semiconductors and LCD in Western countries and Japan. In recent years, as the manufacturing of electronic components such as LED and related products has boomed in China, Taiwan and South Korea, NSK has supplied large volumes of Megatorque Motor products. NSK has worked diligently to reflect customer feedback in its product planning and to strengthen its marketing activities in Japan and East Asia, which is on the verge of becoming the manufacturing heartland for electronic components. NSK continues to respond to the needs of the market and is expanding the reach of Megatorque Motor products worldwide.

PB Series Product Chart

Item Launched in May 2014 To be launched in December
PB1006 PB3015 PB3030 PB3060
Maxium torque 6N▪m 15N▪m 30N▪m 60N▪m
Maximum speed   10s-1   8s-1
Motor outer diameter φ102mm   φ152mm  
Motor hollow diameter φ35mm   φ56mm  
Motor height 75mm 92mm 126mm
Motor weight 2.6kg 5.8kg 7.2kg 10.2kg
Application driver   15 A type   30 A type
Megatorque Motor Lineup
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