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Linear Motion Control - 29/08/2021

NSK’s HTF-SRC ball screws

Following success with previous-generation machines, a leading manufacturer of press brakes is once again specifying high-quality NSK ball screws for its latest electric model. The company is using the NSK HTF-SRC high-speed, high-load ball screw with A1 seal for its new machine, which with 80 tonnes of press force is the most powerful in the range.

As with previous electric press brake models, the force will be carried by two HTF-SRC ball screws in tandem configuration, with independent electronic control of each axis. Thanks to the design of HTF series ball screws and NSK’s technical knowledge, the solution can withstand large forces while retaining a compact shaft diameter - smaller than ball screws from other manufacturers - to help OEMs minimise machine size.

Such is the customer’s confidence regarding the performance of NSK ball screws that its first order was for a full production batch, rather than prototype quantities.

NSK’s HTF-SRC ball screws offer numerous benefits to OEMs and end users, including super-high dynamic load, high speed, low noise and extended operating life thanks to proper load distribution.

The press-brake manufacturer has been using NSK HTF series ball screws since 2017, when it produced its first electric machine. Originally, the decision to select NSK was based on the company’s globally recognised leadership in high-load ball screws. Since then, the press brake manufacturer has seen first-hand the product quality and performance of these ball screws, leading to retained supplier status for the new 80-tonne electric model.

Compared with hydraulic press brakes, electric machines offer low maintenance thanks to automatic lubrication, low power consumption, low noise and shorter cycle times. The press brake manufacturer’s sales force also refer to the use of NSK ball screws as another key selling point to customers.

Further information about NSK’s HTF series ball screws is available at:


Picture: NSK’s HTF-SRC ball screws offer high dynamic load and extended operating life thanks to proper load distribution

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