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Engine Parts

Engine parts
NSK's engine and engine-driven accessory bearings have a successful record of operating under the harsh conditions and severe environment of the engine bay, which includes high temperatures, freezing temperatures, vibrations, drastic load changes, and exposure to water, sand and dust.

Technologies applied to bearing and component materials and lubrication have resulted in products that operate with low friction, are compact, and have a long service life. These technologies contribute to improve fuel economy, high performance, and low noise.

Composing Bearings Tensioner Idler

Bearings for Tensioner & Idler

High reliability has been achieved with a special grease and high performance sealing. NSK offers a wide range of bearings to meet the needs of every type of belt and belt layout.
Pulley, Plastic, 2 Comp

Plastic Pulley for Accessory & Timing Belt

High precision & lightweight plastic pulley bearing with creep prevention mechanism.

Thin Cross-section Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing (also known as Magnetic Clutch Bearing)

Magnetic Clutch bearing with high sealing performance, high moment rigidity, and long life, are used in a number of applications from A/C compressors to water pumps or belt pulleys.

Pressed Rocker Arm Assemblies

Reduced weight and costs have been achieved with press technology including thickening of the necessary parts of strength.
Rollers for Followers, Comp

Roller Followers for Engine Tappets

Low friction has been achieved by changing a part of the rocker arm tappet that makes contact with the cam for rolling.
Needle Roller Bearing, drawn cup, 3Comp

Drawn-Cup Needle Roller Bearings for Camshaft Journals

Super thin cross section and low friction have been achieved.

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