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Hub Unit Bearing

Proof that lighter can be stronger
Hub unit bearing
Product: Wheel bearings.

Wheel bearings created through a revolutionary new cold extrusion process.

Wheel bearings are to be found on each axle and have to withstand a whole variety of loads from forward propulsion, turning and stopping. And they have to be sturdy enough to not only support the vehicle´s mass, but at the same time the various driving loads. Our goal was the creation of rolling bearings that fullfilled the aforementioned needs but were lighter too.
This we achieved by developing a new cold extrusion technique to replace the more usual 1.200°C process. The product of much research and experimentation, this new method allows parts to be formed in one step; something that increases the stability of the material, thus making it possible to create lighter, compacter and more reliable bearing units. And, since the new process doesn’t generate the heat of the traditional one, it´s kinder to the environment too. You too will be convinced by the decisive advantages (exceptional strength with low weight) of these revolutionary hubs.

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