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Electric Accessory and Engine Bearings

These bearings can take whatever is thrown at them
Engine accessory and engine bearings
Product: Bearings for engines and ancillaries.

Heat, water, speed and high loads: none of them is a barrier to our bearings.
The average car contains anywhere from 100 to 150 bearings. Many are to be found in the engine, others in the alternator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, to name but a few. The ones at the front of the engine driven by the fanbelt don´t just have to put up with excesses of heat, vibration and sudden load changes, but also water, sand and dust. Extensive research went into design, surface finish and lubricants in order to increase the durability of our bearings; with the result being bearings that last longer, save more energy and run quieter. All benefits that are then passed onto your car.

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