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Bearings for Automatic Transmission

Smoothing the way to better fuel economy
Bearings for automatic transmission
Product: AT bearings, friction plates, clutches

Smooth gear changes halves energy loss and reduces fuel consumption.

More people than ever are driving cars with automatic transmission. AT is continuously evolving and the number of speeds available has been steadily increasing from the original 3 to as many as the present 8.
Not only are jerky changes virtually a thing of the past, with both acceleration and deceleration growing exponentially smoother, this also leads to a reduction in energy loss and fuel consumption. However, since we never cease to challenge ourselves, we made it our target to reduce energy loss by half. 

So, as the only manufacturer to make every part of an automatic transmission ourselves, from bearing and friction plates to one-way clutches, we made each component thinner, lighter and more efficient. What might seem like small steps, actually go a long way.

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