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Steering Column - Electric Tilt Telescopic

Luxury car technology for everyone
Electric tilt telescopic steering column
Product: New steering column that´s electrically adjustable for height and reach.

A steering wheel that predicts your movements.

Even those of us with the slimmest of figures sometimes bump into the steering wheel when getting into or out of the car. That’s why the electric tilt telescopic steering column was invented.

This convenient device automatically tilts up, giving you space to make climbing in and out more comfortable. Once you´re seated, its telescopic shaft adjusts in length to perfectly match the pre-programmed seating position.
Until now, these expensive devices were something only the wealthy enjoyed. But why shouldn´t such a feature be available to everybody? This thought led us to reconsider the whole concept, greatly simplifying the mechanism, reducing the number of parts required and using smaller motors requiring 40% less power. A concept whereby both motors run and support each other contemporaneously. You too will soon experience a little bit of luxury in your car.

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