Office Equipment

Office Equipment

NSK has years of achievement in the development of bearings and bearing units to support leading edge technologies for office equipment such as:

  • copiers

  • printers

  • banking and financial equipment 

  • automatic ticket gates used in transportation

  • cash registers

  • various card-related equipment

The company makes excellent use of its proprietary technologies in such areas as materials, lubrication, and precision molding to produce a complete range of products that meet:

  • ever-more sophisticated customer demands

  • the requirements of the latest technologies

  • environmental needs 

  • the constraints of energy-saving technologies

In particular, high reliability is a crucial requirement for banking and financial equipment, and the NSK bearings used in such equipment work behind the scenes, making a strong and direct contribution to equipment reliability.

The greatest enemy of office equipment is electrostatic buildup. As a countermeasure, conductive bearings are used that incorporate conductive grease made from a mix of grease and conductive material. However, there is a concern that the conductive ability of the grease can degrade over time, so parts that need to be highly reliable also require a mechanical grounding function based on a flat plate spring or a brush.

NSK has launched a series of “ground-free” office equipment bearings by making use of special technologies that allow it to develop its greases in-house. In comparison with earlier products, these bearings offer a greatly extended conductive life. This development has not only extended the operational life of products, eliminating a mechanical grounding mechanism, it has also contributed to smaller, simpler devices.