Maintenance Products


Grease Unit

Providing proper maintenance extends equipment life and keeps machines moving.

NSK offers a wide lineup of maintenance-related products to help your machinery last and mimize unexpected downtime.

Product List

NSK Clean Grease LG2 / LGU

With low particle emissions and low torque, LG2 grease proves its worth in cleanroom environments.

For support over a wider temperature range, we also offer LGU grease featuring superior durability.

Various greases for general use are also available.


  • Low dust emissions
  • Low torque
  • Long life
Bearing Heaters

NSK's induction bearing heaters offer fast, safe, and environmentally friendly heating to reduce difficult labor and avoid the mess of oil heating.

A wide range of models are available to suit different bearing sizes.


  • Even heating
    Even heating ensures that the bearing does not get damaged.
  • Quick and safe
    Heating without flames improves both safety and efficiency.
  • Clean and reliable
    Heating without oil keeps workplaces clean and the bearing free of impurities.



answersYes, we provide safety data sheets in .pdf format. For details, please contact us with the relevant product designation.


answersNo, please do not reuse overheated bearings.
Typical bearing heaters will not heat the bearing above 120°C as higher temperatures can change the structure of the bearing or lubricant.
Unless otherwise specified, replace the bearing if it is heated beyond 120°C.

Industry Applications