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Linear Motion Control - 03/07/2022

Österbergs Förpackningsmaskiner AB has standardised on NSK linear guides

Thanks to a long-term collaboration with Acumo AB (NSK’s authorised distributor in Sweden), one of the largest manufacturers of packaging machines in the Scandinavian marketplace is not only able to meet its own quality and efficiency demands, but those of its customers. Through Acumo, Österbergs Förpackningsmaskiner AB has now standardised on NSK linear guides, which offer quality, precision and long service life to users of its machines.

Formed in 1975, Österbergs focuses on flexible, customised solutions with optimum quality. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, the company offers everything from plain push packaging solutions to those featuring advanced industrial robots, and everything in between.

Österbergs bases its production model on a standard machine which the company subsequently tailors to the specific requirements of each customer. This strategy leads to a wide range of unique product combinations that necessitates the support of agile and technically-adept suppliers, such as NSK and its authorised distributor Acumo.

As a premium brand, not every distributor can sell NSK’s high-quality products. The company only works with authorised distributors able to demonstrate the knowledge and experience needed to meet the expected standards. Authorised distributors must also act in accordance with NSK’s ethical and compliance policies.

As a fully authorised distributor, Acumo first contacted Österbergs back in 2010, representing the starting point of a long-term collaboration that remains strong to this day.

“I immediately liked one of Acumo’s position indicators, which they presented perfectly in time with our development work,” says Ulf Nordling, Project Manager at Österbergs. “By chance, we discovered that Acumo also offers NSK linear guides. The combination of the wide product range, quality and service offered by Acumo, prompted us to commence the collaboration.”

Quality is a business ethos at NSK, Acumo and Österbergs, from first contact to final delivery. Through personal relationships between the companies, the collaboration has flourished, with Acumo's comprehensive understanding of what Österbergs needs and demands proving a key factor in the partnership’s success.

"Acumo is nice to work with; we get fast deliveries and a high quality of NSK cut rails." says Ulf Nordling.

For many years, Österbergs has standardised on both linear guides and ball screws from NSK. To ensure short lead times, Acumo carries a large stock of NSK solutions, including the NH/NS series (with surface treatments such as Duralloy® and low-temperature chrome), which the company cuts to the required lengths at its workshop using a water-cooled cutting machine.

NSK offers engineering support to all of its authorised distributors. Each one of its hand-picked partners employ well-trained, competent staff with industry experience and a thorough understanding of customer processes.

Based on his long industry experience, Ulf Nordling is convinced that linear guides from NSK are outstanding. He points out that customers pay attention to, and appreciate, the high quality of NSK linear guides, with many even calling up to offer positive feedback.  

“We want to show that we provide the best,” says Ulf Nordling. “At Österbergs, we are genuinely happy with Acumo as a supplier and get good help in emergencies. We have developed a close collaboration where Acumo intuitively knows what we need. In addition to high-quality solutions, we get help with calculations, choice of interface and product knowledge when needed.”

During the past year, Österbergs has bought several more of NSK’s NH/NS series linear guides with Duralloy® surface treatment to ensure even longer service life in machines for the forestry and paper sector. The new machine is yet another example of the proven collaboration between technology supplier NSK, authorised distributor Acumo and the expertise of Österbergs.

Picture 1): Österbergs Förpackningsmaskiner AB describes linear guides from NSK as “outstanding”. Photo: Österbergs Förpackningsmaskiner

Each NSK linear guide for Österbergs is cut to length using advanced machinery

Picture 2): Each NSK linear guide for Österbergs is cut to length using advanced machinery at authorised distributor Acumo. Photo: Österbergs Förpackningsmaskiner

NH/NS series linear guides from NSK

Picture 3): NH/NS series linear guides from NSK are available with surface treatments such as Duralloy® and Raydent. Photo: NSK

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