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Services - 07/03/2022

Training module for bearings used in the dryer section of papermaking machinery is available now at

A new training module for pulp and paper applications is now available at the increasingly popular NSK academy online platform. Focussing on the dryer section of papermaking machinery, this informative and engaging course will benefit all those who specify or work with bearings for this demanding application. Participants achieving an 80% pass mark will receive a certificate.

The dryer section of papermaking machines is a harsh operating environment for bearings. High temperatures, moisture (steam) and potential contamination can bring entire systems to a halt in the event of premature bearing failure. As a result, optimal bearing specification and maintenance can make a genuine difference to bottom line profitability through the elimination of unplanned production stoppages and improved service life.

Knowledge is key, which is where the new NSK academy training module for dryer section bearing technology can help.

This comprehensive learning material begins by explaining the various areas of the dryer section that require bearings, including the canvas roll, paper roll, breaker stack bottom roll, drying cylinder, Yankee dryer and PV roll. The module also sets out the function of each area, its typical operating conditions and the bearing attributes required to provide high performance. In addition, the course identifies a number of potential challenges and offers information about the bearing types best-placed to overcome these issues.

Importantly, training module participants will learn about bearing failure modes typical to the dryer section of papermaking machinery, such as inner ring creep, inner ring fracture and flaking. The course reveals what causes these problems and the best countermeasures to take.

Ultimately, the latest NSK training module provides an understanding of the fundamental bearing principles in relation to dryer sections, where very high temperatures, high speeds and heavy loads can cause significant problems for poorly specified or maintained bearings. Anyone working in the papermaking industry will benefit from the course, including those in sales, technical support, R&D, maintenance and engineering.

The module is available now at (a quick and easy registration process is required for new users). 


Picture: The new training module for bearings used in the dryer section of papermaking machinery is available now at

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