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NSKHPS Cylindrical Roller Bearings

This NSKHPS range for Industrial Machinery is offered with four types of cages for various general-purpose applications. The bearing life has increased up to 60% compared to conventional bearings. >>

Cylindrical Roller Bearings - NUB Series

In order to meet the requirements of steel making equipment and continuous-casting machines, NSK has expanded its range of cylindrical roller bearings. NSK has developed the new NUB series which can reduce the total cost of ownership for continuous casting machine guide rolls >>

Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Wheelsets

High-speed capability, easy maintenance and ability to either allow or restrict axial movement. >>

Cylindrical Roller Bearings with Outer Ring guided Brass Cage

Specially designed to meet the tough operating conditions found in oil-free screw compressors. >>


EMM-VS Series

Features a high load-carrying capability, has an innovative outer-ring-guided machined brass cage and a special roller crowning accommodating heavy loads & misalignment.  >>

Long-life sealed backup roll bearings

Specifically designed for Iron & Steel works to achieve long life and high speed operating conditions.  >>

Cylindrical Roller Bearings with Aligning Rings

A highly functional, specialised bearing for the non-locating position of continuous casting machines at iron & steel works.  >>

Sealed-Clean Bearings

For sintering pallet components - highly functional, specialised bearings that achieve high reliability & long life, and ensure stable operation while reducing maintenance costs.  >>

Four-Row CRB with Stud-Type Cage

These bearing are designed to prevent cracking of rollers generated by extremely heavy rolling loads.  >>

Full Complement Crane Sheave Bearings

These bearings feature high performance seals, a highly corrosion resistant phosphate coating & overall fewer parts to improve cost performance.  >>

Long-Life Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Units

Specially designed for segmented drive rolls in continuous casting machines.  >>