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Damage ConditionPossible CausesCountermeasures
Creep is the phenomenon in bearings where relative slippage occurs between fitting surfaces and thereby creates a clearance between them surface. Creep causes a shiny appearance, occasionally with Scoring or Wear.
  • Insufficient interference or loose fit
  • Insufficient sleeve tightening
  • Check the interference, and prevent rotation
  • Correct the sleeve tightening
  • Study the shaft and housing precision
  • Preload in the axial direction
  • Tighten the raceway ring side face
  • Apply adhesive to the fitting surface
  • Apply a film of lubricant to the fittingsurface

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Creep 1

Part: Inner ring of a spherical roller bearing
Symptom: Creep accompanied by Scoring of bore surface
Cause: Insufficient interference

Creep 2

Part: Outer ring of a spherical roller bearing
Symptom: Creep over entire circumference of outside surface
Cause: Loose fit between outer ring and housing