Troubleshooting Tools

Operating equipment with damaged bearings can impact machine performance, cause malfunctions, or even lead to a complete stop to production.

Problems can arise suddenly, but quickly determining the cause and taking proper actions can help minimize downtime and get equipment up and running.

NSK has collected years of data and experience in Bearing Doctor—a one-stop resource for proper bearing handling, mounting, lubrication, and maintenance. With photos and detailed explanations, you can respond to issues rapidly and aim to avoid the practices that lead to premature failure.

For a quick and handy reference, check out our multilanguage Bearing Doctor app:


A comprehensive resource on bearing damage and countermeasures
Learn to differentiate the many kinds of bearing damage—from flaking, peeling, and scoring to pitting, creep, corrosion, and more. Get advice on how to respond to damage and ensure stable operation for long periods.

Diagnose damage by sound
Listen to sound clips of characteristic damage. Hear race noise, cage noise, contaminant noise and more, and discover appropriate countermeasures for bearing noise and vibration.