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Ball Screws - Products

Compact FA-Series

Standard stock series for immediate delivery of BSS Series high-speed, low-noise Ball Screws; next-generation compact Ball Screws offer quiet, high-speed operating performance >>

Ball Screws - Standard A-Series

NSK standard range of ball screw for immediate delivery are available with machined shaft end for support units (A-Series) or unmachined unhardened shaft ends for easy reworking (S-Series). >>

Balls Screws - LPR / PR Precision Rolled Series

LPR/PR-Series has made a remarkable improvement in sealing performance. The LPR/PR-Series can be taken with or without maintenance-free NSK K1 lubrication unit >>

Ball Screws - Interchangeable

NSK now offers a new series of ball screws where the nut and shaft can be combined freely with a slight clearance. They are subject to DIN 69051 or ISO 3408 standards. >>

Ball Screws DIN Standard Series

NSK adds ball screws that accord with DIN standards widely used throughout Europe >>

DIN Ball Screws for the Machine Tool Industry

Ball Screws - HTF-Series

The HTF-Series offers several types of Ball Screws for high-speed, high-load applications. >>NSK adds ball screws that accord with DIN standards widely used throughout Europe >>

Ball Screws - High Durability

NSK developed a surface processing technology to improve ball screw raceways. Even under unsettled conditions, the High-Durability Ball Screws show much better resistance to wear. >>

Video: NSK High Durability Ball Screw

HMD Ball Screws Series

Ball Screws for High-Speed Machine Tools HMD Series. Upgraded version of the highly regarded HMC Series, featuring new recirculation method that enables high-speed, low-noise operation. >>

Nut Cooling Ball Screw

Simplifying Ball Screw cooling to make precision machines faster and more precise. Nut cooling can be implemented (for HMD nuts) without changing the machine design. >>

HMS Series Ball Screws

HMS Series Ball Screws for high speed and low noise, maintaining precision and efficiency through a fine lead zone. Suitable for high accuracy and medium sized machine tool. >>

Super Large Ball Screw

Designed for electrically operated plastic injection moulding machines with a clamping force up to 3000 tons and more. Usage in big presses is possible. >>

Ball Screw II. Generation - High-Speed, Low Noise

Speed increased, noise caused by the raceway reduced. >>

Video: NSK Ball Screw with X1 Seal

Twin Drive Ball Screws

TW Series Ball Screws deliver the ideal functionality for twin-drive systems and easily realize the high rigidity  >>