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NSKHPS Deep Groove Ball Bearings

This new range are focusing on a wide range of sizes offering a high degree of versitality for various general-purpose applications  >>


Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Equipped with different characteristics depending on individual customer requirements. >>

Insulated Bearings for Traction Motors - PPS

PPS-resin coating insulated bearings developed to prevent electric pitting  >>

Insulated Bearings for Traction Motors - Ceramic

Ceramic coating insulated bearings developed to prevent electric pitting  >>

Ceramic Ball Bearings

Ceramic, anti-electrical corrosion ball bearings which prevent damage to bearings used in fan motors.  >>

Deep Groove Ball Bearings with Special Heat Treatment

Specially treated bearing steel ensures the components last up to twice as long with contaminated lubricant as conventional Deep Groove Ball Bearings  >>

High Temperature Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Specially created to run in a contaminated environment, and under high temperatures, up to 150°C.  >>

Magneto Bearings

The Magneto bearing is a separable grooved ball bearing. The inner ring raceway groove of magneto bearings is slightly shallower than that of deep groove bearings. The outer ring raceway has only one raceway shoulder and smooth transition to the open side. >>

Miniature Ball Bearings

Small, miniature, and instrument precision bearings broadly come in deep groove and angular contact varieties. Deep-groove types may have also an outer ring with a flange, a wider inner ring or thin-walled cross-sections. >>


High Capacity - HR Series

Larger rolling elements increase the dynamic load rating - helping improve machinery life performance.  >>

LNG Pump Bearings

LNG Pump bearings designed to cope with the applications tough operating conditions & extreme temperatures.  >>

Creep-Free Bearings

Tensioned O-rings mounted in the bearing outer ring improve creep prevention under rotating loads. The product offers easy assemble and the possibility of reusable housings.  >>

Fretting-Resistant Bearings

Fretting resistant & long-life bearings are utilised where precise motion control is vitally important.  >>