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NSKHPS Super Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings

The range NSKHPS Super Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings have an extended bearing life by 15% , compared to conventional bearings >>

NSKHPS Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Designed for industrial machinery and applications in pumps and compressors: easy handling, long-life, low vibration and quiet running.  >>

Angular Contact Ball Bearing - High Capacity

The new high capacity Angular Contact Ball Bearings are designed with larger balls to increase the fatigue life. Compared to conventional bearings the side bores are larger and the side shoulders are smaller >>

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

The sealing system of double row angular contact ball bearings prevents the ingress of dirt and ensures an optimum service life. >>

Flanged Bearings for Gearboxes

Special flanged bearings - optimised for use in oil-lubricated gearboxes like in lifts, buses, etc. >>

Angular Contact Ball Bearings with SURSAVE Cage - Ultra-High Speed

Ultra-high speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings using the new cage “SURSAVE" for the main spindle of machine tools. This cage is applied to the NSKROBUST series of ultra-high speed angular contact bearings: low NRRO, low heat generation and high-speed performance >>

Wide-series sealed Angular Contact ball bearings

Wide Series designed for Machine Tool main spindles, longer life due to sealing & more space for grease.  >>

High capacity double row angular contact ball bearing

Specially designed for pumps they can accomodate higher axial loads, minimise downtime & reduce maintenance costs.  >>

Angular Contact Ball Bearing - Outer Ring Guided Brass Cage

Specifically designed to match the tough operating conditions found in oil-free screw compressors.  >>

4 Point Contact Ball Bearing with outer-ring brass cage (QJ Series)

Designed to reduce heat generation, vibration & noise in oil-free screw compressors.  >>

L-PPS cage for screw compressors

Designed with L-PPS cage to offer superior wear & heat resistance.  >>

LNG Pump Bearings

LNG Pump bearings designed to cope with the applications tough operating conditions & extreme temperatures.  >>

Sealed Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Sealed bearings - free of contamination, before and during operation while providing high level machining performance.  >>

ELCOMP Bearings

Bearings with superior resistance to oil, chemicals, gas & heat while providing significantly longer-life performance.  >>

BMPC Angular Contact Ball Bearings

BMPC bearings designed to meet the rigorous demands of centrifugal pumps.  >>