Nurcan Zaimoğlu

Position: Team Leader – Customer Service
Site: Istanbul

"Collaboration in a good team moves us all ahead."

After my computer programming studies, I first worked at Carrier for three years and then for three years at Trane. In 1999 a friend recommended me to the Turkish branch of NSK, which was offering a position in my field at the time.

I was actually not looking for a new job, but I was already familiar with NSK, and as a company with a rich history and of worldwide renown, this presented an attractive opportunity. Since I had already worked in an international company, acclimatising was easy for me.

In 1999 I started my job as customer representative at NSK, and in 2011 I became team leader of the Customer Service department. Since then I have been devoted to offering our customers optimum service. Our team consists of experienced colleagues who are specialists in their field and know exactly what they are doing.

What I like best about my job? My duties and my responsibility. This has taught me a lot, I have autonomy in what I do, and my decisions quickly lead to results. What is more, I am motivated by the fact that I can contribute to boosting the company’s revenues. NSK moreover offers us staff members the opportunity to work in different areas and get advanced training. Not just focusing on your own area but looking beyond your own nose, getting to know other departments and developing a sense of the big picture is a worthwhile effort. I can also recommend this warmly to our new colleagues.

My main job at NSK is to achieve results in the collaboration between customers and suppliers which satisfy both sides. We always look at expectations and requirements from our customers’ point of view. After all, it is specifically customer satisfaction that distinguishes NSK from other brands. Our corporate values – speed, service, passion and teamwork – are the foundation that enables us to offer our customers the best possible service.