Anna Wilkus

Position: Senior Sales Assistant
Site: NSK Poland

"I enjoy the new challenges I face every day at work."

“I came across NSK at an early age – my uncle visited NSK in Japan when I was a teenager. I’ve been at the company since 1998, the year FLT Iskra became part of NSK.

My various positions at NSK have enabled me to gain a lot of experience and gradually work my way up the career ladder. Back in the year of the takeover, I worked as a PC operator at our export warehouse. After a year there I moved to sales, where I learnt a lot about logistics and customs handling in particular. Following a stint in business administration, I took on a new challenge as a customer sales representative. Three years ago, I was promoted to senior sales assistant. In this role, I’m responsible for customer service for the Czech and Slovakian markets.

So how have I achieved all this? My professional experience has been important, of course, but I have also kept adding to my qualifications, which has helped too. Over a year ago, I gained a master’s degree in business in addition to my bachelor’s in trade and service. But there are other very important considerations too: NSK takes notice of and honours my commitment.

NSK offers its staff the chance to develop. In my case, for example, the company is supporting my personal development plans. I’m completing a specialist course of study, learning two foreign languages in my free time – English and Russian – and I also attend lots of company-related training sessions.

I value the opportunity to work in an international, highly professional environment and to overcome new challenges every day. The people here really work as a team, sharing their experience and knowledge. NSK is like a family.”