Jez McCarthy

Jez McCarthy

Position: Senior I.S. Project Manager
Site: Newark

How many years have you been with NSK?
I joined in 1990, so at time of writing, 19 years. My career at NSK has been a
mixture of contract work & permanent employment – 9 permanent years on this “tour of duty”.

What is your background?
I have a very varied career history. I have been in I.S. for a total of 25 years – Programmer, analyst, designer, team leader, project manager. In the past I have also been a salesman and in clerical positions.

What is your role at NSK?
I am I.S. Account Manager for the European Automotive & Steering Systems Business units. I am responsible for managing the delivery of Business solutions supported by I.S. system change.

How did you achieve this position?
I have collected a deep knowledge of the business through successive system designs, major deployments and project leads.

Why did you choose NSK?
I started in 1990 on a 3 day I.S. contract.
Since then NSK has continued to offer a constant design challenge which I had not found in any of my previous Companies.

How did you first hear about NSK?
Initially I was an I.S. contractor with RHP Bearings and then stayed to support the various mergers and business development projects.

What do you enjoy the most in your job?
Multi-cultural & global project management opportunities; A diverse range of projects – Commercial, Logistics, Manufacturing & Financial; Close working relationships with Colleagues in many roles across the Business.

What is your advice to new employees?
NSK is never boring! You should always strive to deliver a quality solution and be sure to set your own standards where none exist.
Always keep the Customer view in focus (internal or external), looking at issues from their perspective.

What does NSK offer you?
A challenge and the opportunity to use my creativity.

What is the most important aspect of your job?
Delivering a quality & timely solution within the constraints set for a project.

How do you find people at NSK?
Supportive, driven to offer a quality Customer service.

Can you explain the NSK Values “Speed, Service, Passion and Teamwork”?
For me, it means understanding what drives the Business areas I support and when presented with an issue or opportunity find the best solution I can, co-ordinating and motivating a project team to deliver a quality product as quickly as possible.