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An international drink producer had repeated problems with mounted-unit inserts failing prematurely. Cleaning the equipment with water and chemicals was destroying the bearing seals and washing out grease. As a result, the mounted-unit inserts had to be replaced every 5 to 6 months and re-greased every 3 weeks. NSK was asked to find a solution in order to improve bearing service life.

Food - Beverage, Conveyor, System Drive
  • Conveyor drive
Bearing Unit, Insert, Molded-oil, Open
  • Molded Oil mounted unit insert

Key Facts

  • Drive/conveyor system (sorting plant)
  • Premature failure of a competitor’s mounted-unit inserts
  • Frequent relubrication
  • Service life only 5 to 6 months
  • NSK’s solution: replacing the mounted-unit inserts with NSK’s Molded Oil mounted-unit inserts
  • No failures in the first year
  • No additional greasing required

Value Proposals

  • Failed bearing investigation showed seals were destroyed by the washing process which also depleted the grease
  • Service lige doubled after samples were tested
  • 100% reduction in servicing intervals (bearings previously lubricated 17 times a year)
  • Ordering and fitting another 12 Molded Oil mounted-unit inserts

Product Features

  • Molded-Oil inserts (with solid lubricant)
  • Ideal for remote applications
  • Martensitic stainless steel
  • Integral Flinger seal and Nitrile rubber seals
  • Bore size 20mm – 40mm
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Resistant to contamination increasing operating life
  • No need for re-lubrication
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Lubrication Costs: Relubrication $4,350 Lubrication Costs: No relubrication $0
Engineering Costs: Replacement & modification $1,066 Engineering Costs: No modification necessary $0
Total Costs $5,416 $0