• TL Spherical Roller Bearing

Key Facts

  • A major paper mill was experiencing multiple inner ring crack on their calendar roll 
  • Standard spherical bearing was being used without carburized inner rings
  • 12 failures annually
  • Excessive downtime and maintenance

Value Proposals

  • NSK investigated the failed competitors bearings
  • Application review was conducted by NSK engineers
  • It was determined that the high heat in the application was causing the bearings inner rings to crack

Product Features

  • Innovative chemical steel composition
  • Special heat treatment process
  • High strength inner and outer rings
  • Heat resistant to cracks
  • Greater resistance to hoop stress
  • Longer service life- more than twice that of conventional bearings operation under contaminated conditions
  • Greater dimensional stability under high temperatures ( to 200 C).
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs: Bearings: 12 @$10,000 $120,000 Bearing Costs: Bearings: 6 @ $10,000 $60,000
Costs of lost production: Downtime: 4 hrs @ $1,500/hr x 6 $36,000 Costs of lost production: Downtime: Eliminated $0
Total Costs $156K x 5yrs= $780K $60K x 5yrs= $300K