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An international manufacturer of angle gears was experiencing frequent failures on gearboxes fitted to a bus application. NSK investigated the application and found the bearing arrangement was complex and involved many components from various suppliers. As a result, NSK proposed a customized solution with an integrated flanged bearing arrangement to simplify the assembly and offer superior performance. A test of the bearing suggestion proved to be successful. The solution was adopted by the customer, resulting in reduced components purchased, consistent  and acceptional performance with easier assembly. 

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  • Bus drive gear
Flanged Bearing, Agri (Neuweg)
  • NSK Flanged Bearings for gearboxes

Key Facts

  • Bus gearbox
  • Frequent failures
  • Incorrect assembly of bearings with various components
  • Need for increased service life
  • Test with NSK flanged bearing units
  • Approval of NSK product and adaption into production
  • Result: reduction of assembly and labor costs

Value Proposals

  • NSK’s application review revealed problems during bearing installation
  • NSK trainined employees on proper bearing installation and removal
  • Special NSK bearing design- flanged bearing units
  • Reduction of assembly and labor costs
  • Increased bearing performance and reliability
  • Annual cost savings of approx. $40,374

Product Features

  • 35° contact angle for high axial forces
  • Compact design
  • Special shaft seal with vent hole
  • Negative operating clearance
  • Housing with rust precentative coating
  • Housing sealed by O-ring
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs: Bearing costs (incl. parts) $120,037 Bearing Costs: Bearings Costs
NSK flanged bearings
Engineering Costs: Assembly costs (4,287 x 466h) $17,505 Engineering Costs: Assembly costs (4.000 x 133h) $5,000
Engineering Costs: Maintenance Costs $64,303 Engineering Costs: Maintenance Costs $0
Total Costs $201,845 $161,471