Hydraulic Tools

Tools, Hydraulik Press Plates

Hydraulic Pushers, Pullers and Press Plates

High loads are necessary to achieve a recommended fit between bearing and mounting surface, and NSK’s range of hydraulic pushers, pullers and press plates is ideal for the job.

Tools, Hydraulik Nuts, Comp

Hydraulic Nuts

A hydraulic nut is ideal to apply greater force progressively and parallel to the shaft for larger bearings that are mounted on a shaft or sleeve.

  • NSK hydraulic nuts are fitted with a patented axial drive-up pin to facilitate their set-up
  • Cranking rods, jack-out bolts and wrenches included
  • Hydraulic nuts are coated with Armaloy to provide an anti-rust layer, making them durable and robust
Tools, Hydraulik Pump

Hydraulic Pumps

NSK's range of hydraulic pumps can be used in conjunction with hydraulic nuts or for oil galleries created for removal of bearings from tapered shafts.

  • Two sizes depending on capacity needed
  • Pump kit includes: pump, hose, quick-disconnect, coupling, gauge, tee, extra oil and metal case

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