Induction Heaters

Using specially designed induction coils, NSK bearing heaters will ensure your bearings are safely and efficiently heated to the optimum temperature for easy hot mounting.

NSK offers three ranges of heaters


Induction Heater, IHN010, Bearing Mounting Tools

Portable Induction Heater

  • Portable, compact and very light (3.5 kg) Capacity 10 kg and 1.5KVA

  • Small and space saving, Silent operation and modern design 

  • Cone inductor with no support yoke required – simply place the workpiece on the device
Tools, IHN080

Bench Mounted Induction Heater

  • A range of sizes covering maximum workpiece weights from 80 kg to 300 kg

  •  1.5 to 2.0 times faster 

  • Supplied with a range of yokes for different size bearing neatly stored in the base unit.
Tools, IHN800

Heavy Duty Induction Heater

  • Floor mounted model capable of handling workpieces up to 1200 kg
  • Convenient design with sliding arm making it easy to use with heavy bearings up to 1.2m outside diameter
  • Programmable control unit mounted at easy working height for use.

Induction Heater IHN010

Induction Heater IHN080

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