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A wood furniture producer faced frequent failures on their wood milling machines. The linear guides on the working tables were being damaged. NSK and the local distributor identified that contamination with fine wood dust and some small particles of sawdust as the root cause. The particles entered between the carriages and rail and a machine failure occurred every 2-3 months resulting in high maintenance and lost production costs. NSK proposed the use of VS Series linear guides equipped with K1 Lubricating Unit.

  • Wood Mill
V1 Serie, Ball Screw, Linear Guide, 2Comp
  • VS series Linear Guides with K1 Lubrication Unit

Key Facts

  • Furniture Producer – Wood Milling Machines
  • Frequently failures due to contamination with fine wood dust
  • NSK Solution: VS Series linear guides equipped with NSK K1 Lubricating Unit
  • The results showed that the milling machine was running without any failure for more than 6 months
  • Significant cost were saved because of changing to NSK linear guides with K1 Lubrication Unit

Value Proposals

  • NSK engineers inspected the application, analysing the working conditions and maintenance schedule
  • After completion of the failure analysis, NSK proposed to switch to VS Series linear guides equipped with NSK K1 Lubricating Unit
  • The customer agreed to run a trial on one milling machine
  • No failure being recorded for more than 6 months

Product Features

  • Super-clean materials, advanced heat treatment and processing technologies increase product durability
  • In NSK linear guides, the rigidity is further increased and the elastic deformation is reduced by applying preload
  • NSK K1 Lubricating Unit is a lubrication device which combines oil and resin in a single unit
  • The porous resin contains a large amount of lubrication oil
  • Touching its surface to the raceway of a rail close to the ball contact point NSK K1 Lubricating Unit constantly supplies fresh oil which seeps from the resin
  • Linear guides which are equipped with NSK K1 Lubricating Unit do not require maintenance for five years or up to 10,000 km operational distance
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs: Costs for linear guides € 14,376 Bearing Costs: NSK linear guides € 5,873
Engineering Costs: Maintenance costs € 1,600 Engineering Costs: No maintenance costs € 0
Costs of lost production: 4 machines breakdown per year € 17,635 Costs of lost production: No breakdown costs € 0
Total Costs € 33 611 € 5 873