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A cement plant in the US was experiencing premature bearing failures due to a contamination in their slurry pumps. Bearings were only lasting two to three months causing frequent downtime and high maintenance costs. NSK was contacted to evaluate the problem and the NSK engineers suggested an improved bearing design together with a recommendation to increase bearing fitting standards. After the implementation bearing life was doubled.

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  • Concrete Plant
  • Angular Contact Ball Bearing with special HTF Steel

Key Facts

  • Slurry pump
  • Premature bearing failure
  • NSK solution: ACBB with HTF material followed by a training on installation and maitenance of bearings
  • Increaed lifetime
  • Significant cost saving realised

Value Proposals

  • NSK experts performed an Application Review 
  • The review show that the used bearing was failing due to contamination 
  • NSK recommended to use ACBB with HTF material
  • With the new bearing, the lifetime was doubled 
  • Training was provided on improved installation and maintenance of bearings

Product Features

  • Angular Contact Ball Bearing with special HTF steel 
  • Innovative heat treatment technology 
  • Outperforming standard bearing steel
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs: Total bearing cost 96 916 € Bearing Costs: Total bearing cost 42 940 €
Training Costs: No formal training 0 € Training Costs: Training for the maintenance team 2 500 €
Total Costs € 96 916 € 45 440