Mood, Industries, 1600x230


A premium snack processing company was experiencing frequent bearing failures on a potato wash application causing significant downtime and reduced production. NSK carried out a bearing failure analysis revealing ingress of contamination
leading to significant reduction in life time. NSK was asked to find a solution to this problem in order to improve service life. A trial was agreed which resulted in an increase of bearing life by 2 times.

Food - Beverage, potato washer
  • Potato washing application
Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Spacea, Molded-Oil, 2Comp
  • Molded Oil Bearing

Key Facts

  • High volume potato cleaning line
  • Frequent bearing failure causing significant production downtime and high costs
  • Water and soil particle ingress
  • Application indoor and outdoor (climatic influences)
  • NSK’s solution: replacing standard ball bearing with NSK’s Molded-Oil ball bearing
  • No bearing failures for more than 8 months
  • Productivity improvement
  • Cost saving generated

Value Proposals

  • NSK engineering conducted a Bearing Failure Analysis showing ingress of contermination into the bearing (Water / Soil)
  • Replacing the standard ball bearings with Molded-Oil ball bearings
  • A trial was agreed which resulted in an increase of bearing life from 4 months to over 8 months
  • The customer benefited from increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs
  • No need for re-lubrication

Product Features

  • Molded-Oil provides continuous supply of lubrication oil
  • Stainless steel for corrosive environments
  • Grease-free property with no oil refilling keeps operating environments clean
  • Operating life more than twice as long as grease lubrication, in water or dust-contaminated environments
  • Contact-seal type available in standard inventory for ball bearings
  • Achieves extended maintenance-free performance as Molded-Oil provides a continuous supply of lubricant
  • Available for high speed applications
  • Available in ball bearing, spherical roller bearing and tapered roller bearings types
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Engineering Costs: Engineering costs € 2.500 Engineering Costs: Engineering costs € 250
Costs of lost production: Lost of production € 20.000 Costs of lost production: No modification necessary € 0
Total Costs € 22 500 € 250