An international steel manufacturer experienced regular failures on bearings in a continuous casting machine. This machine is used in the production of shaped sections and due to that, the bearings have to handle heavy loads. The problem was a short bearing life of the standard bearings due to wear and fatigue. The average bearing life was 124 weeks and they had experienced 3 failures to date. After an investigation, NSK suggested to apply a durability test with NSK’s SWR Spherical Roller Bearings. These bearings are made of specially developed bearing steel, which has a much better wear resistance and resistance against fatigue. With the NSK solution, the customer could achieve a significant cost saving.

Steel - Metals, Continuous casting, machine
  • SWR Roller Bearing and Housing
Spherical Roller Bearing, brass steel cage, 2Comp
  • SWR Spherical Roller Bearings

Key Facts

  • Steel & Metals
  • Continuous Casting Machine
  • Short bearing life because of wear and fatigue
  • Heavy operation conditions
  • Longer bearing lifetime & reduced maintenance costs requested
  • Special Spherical Roller Bearings (SWR Steel)
  • Bearing reached 60% longer life time

Value Proposals

  • NSK engineers conducted an Application Review including a Bearing Condition Report
  • This resulted in SWR Spherical Roller Bearing recommendation.
  • Recommemded test with SWR Spherical Roller Bearing
  • Bearing reached 60% longer life time

Product Features

  • Improved material strength of outer ring
  • Ability to use with or without seals
  • Improved wear resistance - three times compared to AISI 52100 bearing steel
  • Minimized outer-ring friction to extend bearing life
  • Improved flaking life property - five times compared to AISI 52100 bearing steel
  • Material strength improved to prevent breakage of the outer ring after the occurrence of flaking - five times compared to AISI 52100 bearing steel
  • SWR can replace standard SRB without modifying the axle boxes
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Costs of lost production: Production loss due to bearing failures € 100.000 Costs of lost production: No production loss € 0
Engineering Costs: Manpower costs for replacing the bearings € 40.000 Engineering Costs: No manpower costs € 0
Total Costs € 140 000 € 0