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Within a big Automotive production plant the machine tool spindles often broke down due to spindle failures. The maintenance department of the production plant had to change the bearings every 2 weeks. The customer requested NSK to investigate the root cause of this bearing failure. After a survery of the complete application and the maintenance process the NSK engineers discovered that the main problem was incorrect handling of Super Precision Bearings during installation.

CNC Spindle
  • Automotive Production - CNC Spindle
ACBB, Phenolic Polyamide Cage, 2Comp
  • Mounting training for Super Precision Bearings

Key Facts

  • Machine Tool Spindle
  • Incorrect handling of the bearings during maintanance
  • NSK Solution: Super Precision Bearing training - mounting & dismounting
  • Significant cost savings due to increased lifetime of the bearings up to 6 months

Value Proposals

  • An NSK expert checked the complete mounting and dismounting process of the maintenance departement
  • It has been recognised that the bearing failed due to incorrect handling during installation
  • A complete training with the maintenance people including advise on grease refilling of bearings was done
  • No further issues were detected on the bearings, after the installation process was clear

Product Features

  • Optimum design - achieved by computer simulation of temperature rise resulting from ball skid
  • Long life - Range of material specification including high quality ultra clean steel, extra pure and advanced material SHX patented by NSK
  • High accuracy - Rolling elements with P2 series available in standard steel and ceramic material
  • Low Noise - Quieter running high-speed spindle
  • Cage material options, available in high speed design including - brass, engineered polymer and phenolic
  • Optional seals available within the standard ISO envelope
  • High rotational speed
  • Minimum friction and heat generation
  • Controlled rigidity
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs: Bearing failure every 2 weeks € 20.120 Bearing Costs: 2 Bearing changes per year € 160
Engineering Costs: Replacement of bearings € 1.920 Engineering Costs: Replacement cost for bearings per year € 1.000
Costs of lost production: Machining downtime x 24 € 12.000 Costs of lost production: No downtime € 0
Total Costs € 34 040 € 1 160