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A manufacturer of centrifugal machines for water treatment developed a new design of machine to answer the requirements on specific applications. Test rig trials detected higher temperature during operation compared to the original design. After consultation with NSK, an AIP expert visited the site to perform a vibration analysis to identify the root cause. It highlighted that a lubrication issue was the origin of the temperature increase. This helped the customer to progress this project, using a new lubrication method for high speed applications.

Pumps, Utilities, Pump Water treatment
  • Centrifugal Pump for Water Treatment
  • Condition Monitoring Service (CMS)

Key Facts

  • Centrifugal Pump for Water Treatment
  • New design requirements for specific application
  • Unexplained high temperature during testing
  • NSK Solution: Condition Monitoring Service (CMS) with detailed analysis to identify bearings and associated components health. NSK performed a full vibration analysis of the running centrifugal machine
  • The results showed that the bearings were in optimum condition and no issues were identified. The lubrication was the root cause of the increased temperature
  • This allowed the manufacturer to progress this R&D Project
  • Significant cost savings were achieved

Value Proposals

  • An NSK expert performed an initial inspection of the centrifugal pump of the prototype.
  • The NSK engineer conducted a Condition Monitoring review including all technical data, measurement conditions and explanations of spectrum analysis
  • At the fixed trial running speed, the temperature started to increase rapidly, highlighting a potential lubrication issue
  • No issues were detected on the bearings, this confirmed the lubrication issue.

Product Features

  • Live assessment of a machines condition and health while machine is still in operation
  • Predicted life of the critical components inside a machine allowing the customer to plan maintenance more accurately
  • Early warning of problems occurring in machinery. Condition Monitoring is the most sensitive and long reaching method of detecting the signs of machine wear
  • On-site support from NSK engineers
  • Assurance that NSK as a full range supplier can help with the provision of critical bearing and linear motion spares
  • Performance improvements and operational cost savings
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Engineering Costs: Cost of R + D test running € 34.500 Engineering Costs: No testing necessary. Results proven by CMS € 0
Total Costs € 34 500 € 0