NSK ビジョン 2026


We bring motion to life, to enrich lifestyles, and to build a brighter future.
Dedicated to uncovering society's needs, we set ideas in motion to deliver solutions beyond imagination.
We're NSK. And, we're setting the future in motion.



NSK Vision 2026 is a statement of what NSK Group will achieve in the 10 years following its 100th anniversary. Based on the NSK Corporate Philosophy, NSK Vision 2026 was created by gathering opinions from a range of sources, including customers and employees all over the world.


NSK aims to contribute to the well-being and safety of society and to protect the global environment through its innovative technology integrating Motion & Control™. We are guided by our vision of NSK as a truly international enterprise, and are working across national boundaries to improve relationships between people throughout the world.



Sums up the essence of NSK Vision 2026 in a single phrase.
“Motion” does not just refer to the motion of NSK’s products. If each of us sets change in motion in our individual roles, we can create a new movement for the company, for our customers, and for society at large. The title of the Vision summarizes our intent to give shape to new possibilities, and to set rather than follow trends-thereby creating a safer, more prosperous future for society.



Describes NSK’s role and objectives as a member of society.
A brighter future is one in which people can live a safer, more comfortable, more convenient, and more prosperous life. This is the ultimate goal of NSK Vision 2026, and the reason why we are working to set the future in motion.



Describes what we will do to fulfil our future role and meet the Vision’s objectives.
To set the future in motion, we will need to expand our horizons and constantly focus on what technologies, products, and services society will require in the future.
We will work to deliver exciting new products and services that exceed the world’s imagination by putting these ideas in motion to achieve real results.



Emphasizes our commitment to build a new future for NSK.
If each of us sets change in motion in our own workplaces, we can build a new direction for NSK’s business and ultimately help deliver a better future for people around the world. To do this, we will need to look beyond conventional wisdom and develop truly valuable products and services. Over the past 100 years, NSK has established a reputation for outstanding quality. In the next century, we hope that—as a result of our efforts—society also comes to associate NSK with exciting new ideas and innovations.