Technical Insights

We have pooled the expertise of our Engineers to produce technical articles on product performances, bearing features, materials, lubricants, applications, bearing components and much more.

These reviews outline some of the every day considerations needed when choosing bearings, provide a good overview of common problem areas and highlight some of the many technical improvements and developments being made by us.

More information about our Research & Development: Technology Platform - Four Core Technologies.

DGBB; Ball Bearings, Stainless Steel, ES1

High Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel ES1

NSK has developed ES1 bearings manufactured with alloy steel infused with nitrogen - a solution that outperforms conventional alternatives in corrosion resistance and bearing life, effectively reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

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Spherical Roller Bearings, CAM, HPS, 27 Rollers,  500x500, jpg

Spherical Roller Bearing for General Industries Applications

Spherical Roller Bearings with new Cage Design: Optimized design and advanced NSK technology to deliver a new level in performance and high load capacity across all applications.

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DH, DS, linear guides, composing

DH/DS NSK Linear Guides Long-Life Series

NSK‘s special heat treatment technology doubles the life of conventional products, delivering long-term equipment reliability. 

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Composing, EIBU Products, Bearings, 7Comp, 874x555

Bearing Storage

Bearings are high-quality, advanced products, requiring careful handling. The performance of advanced bearings is state of the art with them often being run close to their designed operating limits. 

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Sealing, DG Seal DG, Close-up

Bearings Seals

Bearing seals can prevent lubricants from escaping and stop dust, water and other harmful substances such as metal particles from getting into the bearing. 

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NSK App “Verify” for Super Precision Bearings

NSK mobile app helps simplify precision bearing selection and the associated design integration process.

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27-digit NSK Item Designation [N27]

Identification of the NSK Item Designation - Description and meaning of the common codes and examples of the characters 

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Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Ceramic Coated

HDY2 - Ceramic Coated Insulating Bearings

Designed to support energy efficiency and the expanding adoption of inverter-controlled motors

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Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Steel Cage, Sealed, Illustration, 500x500

Give Electric Motors the Silent Treatment

Ensure you select the correct bearings for long life and quiet operation.

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Deep Groove Ball Bearing, High-Temperature, Sealed

Automotive Bearings Brings Energy Efficiency

NSK Bearing solutions deliver low torque for automobile applications.

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Fake Bearing, Counterfeiting

Counterfeit - Don't Fake It

How to identify authentic NSK bearings.

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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Yield Longer Life in Motors and Gearboxes

Bearings operating in manufacturing equipment in extreme environments must perform well at higher speeds with heavier loads.

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Reduce Inner Ring Fractures with NSK “TL”

TL (Tough and Long Life) Series of Spherical Roller Bearings - NSK is continually perfecting technology to improve bearing performance.

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Ball Screw, , BSS V1-Seal

Identify Ball Screw Quality

Selecting the appropriate ball screw for an application is by no means an easy process, but it is an important one.

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ACBB, thrust, ROBUST, Polyamide-Cage, 2Comp

Protecting Your Bearing Investment

Proper run-in procedures help to maximise bearing life.

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Spherical Roller Bearings, HTF, Brass Cage, Cut, 500x500

TF Tough Steel for Harsh Working Conditions

NSK's concept of long working life in contaminated environments is unique in the bearing industry.

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Getting a Good Fit

Even a properly selected bearing will fail prematurely if the shaft and housing fits are incorrect.

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Incompatibility of Greases

Unless incompatibility is understood and accounted for, switching to a different grease can be disastrous.

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Ultra Clean Steel

We are constantly striving for quality improvements - developing our ultra-clean steel is a key factor in helping improve bearing life.

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Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Sealed, Groove, 2Comp

Seals and Shields

Protect your bearings from contaminants and maintain grease levels.

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