Nut Cooling Ball Screws

Nut Cooling Ball Screws

The NSK Ball Screw Cooling System provides a simple design that delivers higher accuracy and higher speed for a large variety of machine tools.


NSK realized the “Built-in Nut Cooling System” to enable a drive system to be more accurate and faster, even for a long ball screw that is hard to apply a conventional hollow shaft-cooling system.


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1. The NSK Built-in Nut Cooling System is applicable for both offset-lead preload type and double-nut preload type ball screws.
Offset lead preload type: more compact using only a single ball nut.
Double nut preload type: larger preload is available with two ball nuts.


2. Coolant circulates in the nut in a balanced manner, effectively cooling the ball screw.


3. Designed so that the preload torque does not increase even when the nut is cooled.




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