High Durability Precision Ball Screw


Surface processing technology reduces wear. Maintenance-free for longer periods.


NSK developed first-of-a-kind surface processing technology to improve the surface of ball screw raceways. Achieved high resistance to wear for improved service life and longer maintenance intervals.
High Durability Precision Ball Screw


1. Enhanced oil film formation prevents metal-on-metal contact thereby significantly improving wear resistance. This is especially effective under conditions in which it is difficult for an oil film to form, such as low-speed short-stroke machining work.


2. Maintenance-free for longer periods due to ball screw accuracy life being extended. Achieve highly reliable and stable operations.


3. Contributes by saving energy consumption in machines to reduce a ball screw friction torque up to 40%, especially in low speed operation by improving the ability of keeping oil film.


1 min-1rotation speed, oil lubrication
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