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Creating Quality to Earn the Confidence of Society

  • NSK's Approach
  • Quality Board Meeting
  • Global Quality Assurance Organization
  • Certification for Quality Management Systems

NSK's Approach

NSK's Approach:No.1 in Total Quality

The NSK Group aims to become “No. 1 in Total Quality.” In other words, the Group is working to achieve the industry’s best quality in everything it delivers-not only products and services, but also information. The Group believes that this commitment to quality ensures that its products will satisfy customers all over the world.

NSK Product Development System (NPDS)

  • In order to quickly transform new orders into reliable, stable production, the NSK Group is promoting initiatives that build quality into each process

NSK Quality No.1 (NQ1) Program

  • The NSK Group is promoting initiatives to realize stable production and ensure zero defects.

Human Resources Development

  • The Group is promoting human resources development in order to build a stronger foundation for quality creation.

Figure 1. Quality-Building Initiatives

Figure 1. Quality-Building Initiatives

Quality Board Meeting

To strengthen Group-wide initiatives NSK Group management checks the status of quality control and directs the needed initiatives in a topdown manner at the Quality Board Meeting, which is chaired by the president and composed of directors in charge of each business division headquarters. NSK has also established quality committees in each business division headquarters and is working to strengthen quality improvement efforts through cooperation among the manufacturing, sales, and design departments.

Figure 1 Quality Board Meeting

Figure 1 Quality Board Meeting

Global Quality Assurance Organization

The NSK Group has established quality assurance departments in Europe, the Americas, China, and ASEAN as well as quality assurance departments in other areas. This has reinforced the Group’s global quality assurance organization by providing support tailored to the needs of customers in each country and region. In the event of a problem with a product or service, information can be provided quickly to customers. The relevant departments are brought together, and take swift and appropriate countermeasures to prevent the problem from spreading. The causes are promptly investigated and measures are taken to prevent reoccurrence.

Fig 3. Global Quality Assurance Organization

Fig 3. Global Quality Assurance Organization

Certification for Quality Management Systems

The NSK Group has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949* certification for quality management systems and produces high-quality products that meet customer demands. All facilities that manufacture NSK brand products have attained this certification.

* ISO/TS 16949 aligns ISO 9001, the criteria for quality management systems set by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization), with the quality system requirements for automotive-related products.

Fig. ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 certification status (As of Nov. 2016)