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CSR Reports & Reference Data

The NSK Group interprets corporate social responsibility (CSR) as activities undertaken to ensure the sustainable growth of society and the NSK Group, while meeting the expectations of a wide array of stakeholder through corporate activities.

CSR Communication Report 2015 CSR Communication Report 2015 PDF All Pages
CSR Report 2015 CSR Report 2015 PDF All Pages
CSR Report 2015 PDF Downloads & Reference Data
Contents Page No. File Size Reference Data
Cover / Back CoverPDF h.1/h.4 568KB
The NSK Group and Company OverviewPDF h.2/pp.1-3 593KB Financial Highlights
The NSK Group's CSRPDF pp.4-5 143KB Mission Statement
Mid-Term Management PlanPDF
NSK Vision 2026
Message from the PresidentPDF pp.6-7 220KB
Fiscal 2014 CSR Activity Performance and Fiscal 2015 TargetsPDF pp.8-9 91KB
GovernancePDF pp.10-22 354KB Corporate Governance Report (Japanese)PDF
Securities Report (Japanese)PDF
Press Releases
NSK Code of Corporate Ethics
NSK Compliance GuidebookPDF
Basic Procurement Policy
NSK Supplier CSR Guidelines
Quality AssurancePDF pp.23-27 357KB Creating Quality to Earn the Confidence of Society
Certification for Quality Management System
Good Labor PracticesPDF pp.28-36 357KB Global Human Resources Strategy
Labor and Management Cooperate to Develop Better Working Environment
Diversity and Work-life Balance
Workplace Health and Safety and Healthcare Measures
Personnel System to Support Career Advancement
Human Resources Development
Working with Local CommunitiesPDF pp.37-38 778KB Social Action Program
Environmental ManagementPDF pp.39-42 119KB Environmental Policy and Environmental Code of Conduct
NSK Group Environmental Structure
Product's lifecycle and the NSK's business activities on the environment
Scope of NSK Group Environmental Management
Acquiring ISO 14001 Certification
Environmental Education
Creating Environmentally Friendly ProductsPDF pp.43-45 1,446KB Eco Friendly Technology
NSK Develops RACEGRD™ Grease for bearings used in machine tool main spindles
NSK Develops the World's Fastest High-Load Drive Ball Screw
NSK Develops Low-torque Tappet Roller for Automobile Diesel Engines
NSK Develops Super Long-Life Planetary Shaft for Automobile Transmissions
NSK Develops Functional Safety Compliant Electric Power Steering
Global Warming CountermeasuresPDF pp.46-49 525KB Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions (by Site)
Measures for Resource Conservation and RecyclingPDF pp.50-52 117KB Water Usage, Wastewater amounts and Waste Emissions
Reducing Use of Environmentally Harmful SubstancesPDF pp.53-55 106KB NSK Group Green Procurement Standards
Air Pollutant Measurement Results (Japan)
Water Contaminant Measurement Results (Japan)
Volume of PRTR-Designated Substances Handled (Japan)
Biodiversity ConservationPDF pp.56-57 142KB NSK Biodiversity Guidelines
Appendix: GRI Guidelines IndexPDF pp.58-61 99KB
Appendix: Scope of Environmental DataPDF pp.62-63 79KB
Appendix: Estimating Indirect CO2 EmissionsPDF p.63 64KB
Appendix: Environmental AccountingPDF p.64 69KB
Appendix: Environmental Data by CountryPDF pp.65-66 88KB
Third-Party CommentsPDF pp.67 97KB

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