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Here you can find the tools and information you need to specify the right products for your application, achieve maximum performance, and avoid or eliminate common problems. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and support you need to keep your world moving!

Catalogs and CAD drawings

NSK Online Catalog

NSK Online Catalog

NSK Online Interactive Catalogs and Tools give you the capability to select the correct bearings that best meet the needs of your application and equipment design. The selection tools for ball screws, NSK Linear Guides, and Megatorque Motors are also available. detail >>



You can download NSK product catalogs here. detail >>

CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings

You can use our CAD service to obtain an image, which can be imported into your CAD package. detail >>

Calculation Tool

Selection Tools for Precision Machine Components

Selection Tools for Precision Machine Components

You can use the selection tools for ball screws, NSK Linear Guides, and Megatorque motors detail >>

Technical Calculation

Technical Calculation

for Using Technical Calculation, you will be guided through a series of selection stages allowing you to select the most appropriate bearing for your application. Technical Calculation is also available online in order for you to perform both simple and more advanced bearing calculations. for PC Smartphone/Tablet

Other Tools

Trouble Shooting (Bearing Doctor)

You can find the information about correct bearing handling, mounting, lubrication, and maintenance to prevent premature failure together with color photos of bearing failures. detail >>

NSK Verify

Immediate access to digital inspection records for that specific bearing is possible now without opening the NSK bearing box. This app helps simplify bearing selection, improve the use history and traceability of the product, which contributes to factory automation and IT-based plant management. detail >>

Maintenance & Repairs

Using the proper maintenance tools for bearing installation and removal ensures long reliable machine life, ease of tear down, and quick turnaround time. Please learn more about proper handling of bearings, as well as our maintenance tools. detail >>

Basic Knowledge

You can find the basic infomartion of Bearings. “Introduction to Bearing,” and "Technical Report," are avairable here. detail >>

AIP (Asset Improvement Program)

AIP is a well-proven asset improvement programme that combines your own knowledge of the working environment, culture, processes and problems in your business, with the engineering expertise, and innovation of NSK. detail >>

Technical Service

We offer you various technical services such as production inspection, on-site analysis, training, maintenance, repair and overhaul. detail >>


NSK's training sessions and technical seminars represent a real opportunity for all participants to improve their existing knowledge and practical skills relative to bearings and linear products. Learn more about our training courses. detail >>