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Bearings for High-Temperature Environments

This rolling bearing, which is packed with fluorine grease for high-temperature operating conditions and uses MoS2 solid lubricant, can be used in high-temperature environments up to 400 °C.

Bearings for High-Temperature Environments
  • High-Temperature KPM Grease-Packed Bearings

    These high-temperature bearings are grease-packed with NSK's long-life, high-temperature grease KPM, for use in normal atmosphere only.High-Temperature KPM Grease-Packed Bearings

  • YS High-Temperature Bearings with Spacer Joints

    YS high-temperature bearings with spacer joints made of an alloy-based self-lubricating material (sintered alloy) between balls. They are suitable for high-temperature and vacuum environments.

    YS High-Temperature Bearings with Spacer Joints
  • SJ High-Temperature Bearings with Solid Lubrication

    SJ high-temperature bearings with solid lubrication have a “peapod” structure, with solid lubricant spacer joints mounted between two balls in cage pockets. These bearings are suitable in vacuum, high-temperature environments.SJ High-Temperature Bearings with Solid Lubrication

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