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Sugar has become an essential source of carbohydrates after the discovery to turn sugarcane juice into granulated crystals which made storage and transportation so much easier today.

From harvesting and preparation of sugarcane to processes that convert the extracted juice, sugar manufacturing is handled by machinery purpose-built to operate within the harshest of conditions.

The operating conditions for each process are unique, so bearing products must perform reliably under a variety of extreme environments.

Whether in a cane harvester, cane shredder, crushing mill, boiler fan, or sugar centrifuge, bearings serve a critical role in all steps of sugarcane processing.

Modern sugar mills must be quick, reliable, and efficient to ensure cane, which spoils relatively quickly, is transported and processed as fast as possible for the utmost quality.

NSK bearings support sugar industry machinery by improving efficiency and performance under harsh environments.

NSK Experience & Technology

NSK Experience & Technology

NSK products and solutions handle contamination, corrosion, and marginal lubrication issues to achieve proven performance and longevity across applications in the sugar industry.

Our success lies in delivering solutions that speed up processes and extend bearing life to meet the needs of both equipment manufacturers and end users.

We uphold high standards during the development and production of every single bearing. This ensures that our bearings work reliably and flawlessly for their designed life.