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Palm Oil

Palm Oil Mills are generally located in the plantations to support timely transportation of fresh food bunches and effective processing.

NSK bearings are vastly used throughout processing of the fruit ranging from wagon wheels, sterilizing, screw presses, decanter, to refined crude palm oil. Edible products such as cooking oil, and beauty products like cosmetics and soaps, have to undergo a range of steps of milling and refining processes to be virtually available on the supermarket shelves for consumers purchase.

Palm Oil industry is required to abide to the principles and criteria for sustainable palm oil production. Guidelines are in placed to these companies to produce more environmentally friendly and socially responsible ways.

NSK's superior bearing technology provides a wide range of NSK HPS bearings with higher loading capacity and higher resistance to wear, which could overcome the stringent and harsh operating conditions of the palm oil mills as well as growing demands of the equipment manufacturers.

At NSK, we assist the Palm Oil sector fulfill its task reliably and effectively by developing more efficient, powerful and economical products and technology.

NSK Experience & Technology

NSK Experience & Technology

At NSK, we're committed in bringing high quality engineering products and support to any industry we encounter.
From design to manufacture of quality assured bearings to meet user requirements, we strive to protect the environment through innovative technology as part of our social responsibility.
The years of industry experiences coupled with strong know-how from our people and the highly reliable bearings offer superior cost performance to our customers.