CSR Report - Additional Materials: Actions Taken in our Workplaces

ChinaSuzhou NSK Bearings Co., Ltd. (Suzhou Plant)

China - Suzhou NSK Bearings Co., Ltd. (Suzhou Plant)
Address No.22 Taishan Road, Suzhou New District,Jiangsu, China
Employees 288 (as of March 31, 2009)
Business Outline Bearing Manufacture
ISO14001 November 2007

NSK's Suzhou plant, which manufactures bearings, received ISO14001 certification in 2007.

The Suzhou plant places particular focus on energy efficiency.

Waste and Recycling Measures

In order to reduce waste, the plant is working on a way to recycle the grinding dust produced when grinding the bearing rings.

Global Warming Countermeasures

Conventional bulbs (left) and energy-efficient bulbs (right)
Conventional bulbs (left) and energy-efficient bulbs (right)

In an effort to reduce global warming, the plant is cutting its energy consumption across several areas. In 2008, all light bulbs were replaced with energy-efficient alternatives.

As a result, energy consumption from lighting was cut by 70%.

In fiscal 2009, the plant aims to reduce total energy consumption by 13%. Specifically, this will involve:

  1. Reducing operating pressure of compressors by adding extra reserve tanks
  2. Switching between 2 water supply filters to reduce air volume

Contributing to Local Communities

In 2009 the plant participated in the Suzhou City Environmental Science Association, and proactively engaged in several environment protection initiatives.

(as of July 2009)