CSR Report - Additional Materials: Actions Taken in our Workplaces

PolandNSK Bearings Polska S.A. (Kielce Plant)

NSK Bearings Polska S.A. (Kielce Plant)
Address ul.Jagiellońska 109 ; 25-734 Kielce, Poland
Employees 1,257 (as of March 31, 2010)
Business Outline Manufacture of industrial machinery bearings (ball bearings)
ISO14001 August 2004

Kielce is NSK Europe's largest plant, manufacturing ball bearings.

Waste Disposal Initiatives

The plant carries out staff education programs to improve management of waste products and promote recycling.

In order to reduce waste output, employee awareness is essential. The plant's program has seen an increase in recycling and a significant reduction in waste control costs.

Recycling rates for a number of waste types have increased year upon year. In fiscal 2009, the plant achieved a 100% recycling rate for cardboard boxes.

Global Warming Countermeasures and Energy Conservation

Inverter-fitted Compressor
Inverter-fitted Compressor

In March 2010, the Kielce plant replaced one of its old compressors. This allowed the output rate to be adjusted, resulting in an estimated 400 ton reduction in annual CO2 emission.

Management of Chemical Substances

The plant is working to further improve management of chemical substances in line with NSK's environmental management system. In fiscal 2009, the plant updated its list of managed chemical substances in response to the introduction of European REACH regulations. In addition, a database of all chemical substances used has been created to improve management.

Contributing to the Local Community

Emergency training
Emergency training
Joint Fire Drills with Local Authorities and Companies
The Kielce plant held fire drills in conjunction with local authorities and companies to prepare for a major accident or environmental disaster.
Environmental Education for Junior High School Students
The plant invites local junior high school students to visit its facilities, where they can experience first-hand the environmental knowledge they have learned in the classroom.