CSR Report – Additional Materials: Actions Taken in our Workplaces

U.S.NSK Corporation (Clarinda Plant)

NSK Corporation (U.S. - Clarinda Plant)
Address 1100 North First Street, Clarinda, Iowa 51632, U.S.A.
Employees 361 (as of March 31, 2010)
Business Outline Manufacture of automotive products (ball bearings) etc.
ISO14001 July 2002

NSK's Clarinda Plant, located in South-West Iowa, U.S., is surrounded by vast, tranquil farmland.

Reducing Energy, Electricity Consumption

The Clarinda plant has switched the refrigerant of the heat-exchangers in air-conditioning systems to conserve energy and reduce the use of ozone-destroying CFCs.

The plant is also working to cut electricity consumption by making its facilities more energy-efficient. In fiscal 2009, warehouse lighting was converted from sodium vapor lamps to energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. Sensors were also installed to automatically switch off lights when no human activity was detected.

Reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

The plant has been working since 2005 to reduce VOCs. Although VOC emissions are already lower than state requirements, from 2010 oil used in processing will be switched to an alternative that does not contain chlorinated additives to make the workplace even safer.

Contributing to the Local Community

Donation to Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund
The plant donated canned food and other materials to Haiti earthquake survivors.
Christmas Present Donation
The plant donated over 100 presents to the residents of welfare facilities during the Christmas season.
(as of June 2010)