CSR Report - Additional Materials: Actions Taken in our Workplaces

BrazilNSK Brasil Ltda (Suzano Plant)

NSK Brasil Ltda (Suzano Plant)
Address Av. Vereador Joao Batista Fitipaldi, 66, CEP 08685-000, Vila Maluf, Suzano, SP, Brazil
Employees 763 (as of March 31, 2009)
Business Outline Bearing Manufacture
ISO14001 January 26, 2000

NSK Brasil was established in 1970 as NSK began expanding its overseas operations.

The Suzano plant, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is actively working to protect the environment.

The plant attained ISO14001 certification in 2000, and is constantly working to improve its environmental management system.

Waste and Recycling Initiatives

By reusing the anti-corrosive oil employed in bearings, the plant has managed to halve the amount used, reducing waste and conserving resources. And by rethinking the process from which component parts are cut from steel, the plant successfully reduced scrap metal output by 700kg per month.

Waste reduction has been achieved not only in the Suzano plant, but also at the company's offices, where approximately 200 employees work. Waste materials are separated for recycling, including organic waste.

Global Warming Countermeasures

The plant successfully reduced its power consumption 1% by introducing the following energy-saving devices:

  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Heat control apparatus in cafeteria

Contributing to Local Communities

Contributing to Local Communities

As one of its regional CSR activities, NSK Brazil has launched the “Vegetable Oil Recycling Campaign”. With cooperation from local residents, 152 kg of used vegetable oil was collected from households over a 3 month period. This oil was recycled into soap by a local NGO, and donated to local homes and schools.

(as of July, 2009)