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Waste and Water

Resource Conservation and recycling


Our Mission

NSK Europe is focussed on maximising the efficient use of raw materials through the 3R approach – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

Currently 95% of the waste produced during the NSK Europe production process is recycled and we are striving to increase this still further in partnership with our waste contractors.  

In addition we are looking to reduce the water consumption by increasing the operational life of water-based process fluids, modernising our sanitary facilities and introducing water harvesting systems to capture and use rain water from our building.

Recent achievements

  • Briquetting of grinding swarf: 40% waste reduction by weight at Peterlee Manufacturing Plant, UK

  • Oil recovery from swarf: 108tonne/annum reduction at Kielce Manufacturing Plant, Poland 
  • Re-use of non-Euro-pallets for non-EU-markets: 76 tonnes per annum saving at Tilburg Distribution Centre, Netherlands and Newark Distribution Centre, UK

  • Re-use of process fluids recovered from briquetting at Peterlee Manufacturing Plant, UK
StormSaver rainwater harvesting Newark
  • NSK water harvesting unit introduced at Newark Manufacturing Plant, UK in April 2022 collecting more than 200m3 of rainwater from roof space. To be used for rest room toilet facilities >>

  • Open to closed loop cooling system for remediation pumps at Kielce Manufacturing Plant, Poland: 6000 m3/year water saving