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CO² Emissions

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Our Mission

The objective of our “NSK Carbon Neutrality Department” is to reduce CO₂ emissions from its business operations through the following three approaches: 

  • Technological innovation
  • Energy conservation/fuel conversion
  • Renewable energy

The NSK group has set a global target of 2035 to be carbon neutral in its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

NSK Europe has set its own more stringent Scope 1 and Scope 2 targets of being neutral by 2030 to support the global objectives of the group and the needs and expectations of our European customers.

This same approach will also be communicated within NSK’s supply chain, with the expectation that our suppliers will pursue similar goals in order to ensure a long term partnership with NSK. 

Technological innovation

  • Electrification of gas furnace utilising HF (High Frequency) induction heat treatment
  • Biomass resin cages to replace nylon cages derived from fossil fuel resources.
  • Investigation into green hydrogen/blue hydrogen and biomass as potential gas replacement
  • Improved productivity through innovation
  • Environmentally friendly product design
Deep Groove Ball Bearing, DGBB, Bioplastic Cage


Energy conservation/ fuel conversion

  • Improved visualization to understand  consumption patterns
  • Improved insulation of buildings
  • Better HVAC control to minimise energy waste
  • Improved compressed air control/management
  • Waste Heat recovery/heat exchangers to minimise heat loss from buildings

Renewable energy

  • Purchase of certified Green Electricity
  • Renewable energy through on-site generation (solar)

Recent achievements

Renewable Electricity Contract, E-On, NSK Europe Ltd.

All European manufacturing plants using green electricity

  • As of January 2022, 98% of NSK Europe’s electricity consumption comes from energy backed by renewable guarantees of origin >>
  • NSK Europe’s total CO2 emissions have reduced 75% from FY17 base year

Solar panels installed at NSK European Distribution Centre May 22

  • Solar panels go operational May 2022 at NSK’s European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Holland. 
    Output from panels is 650 MWh per annum, meeting over 60% of EDC’s electricity demand.
Building Management System NSK Walbrzych

Building management System to monitor and control air compressors at NSK Walbrzych

  • Building Management System extended to monitor and control air compressors at NSK Walbrzych – energy saving of 14 % achieved per annum